Rovers Still Fall Through Planets

AmbassadorPineapple shared this bug 9 months ago

I don't know how, but every so often a desync would occur and the rover would fall through the planet, and if you were traveling fast, you'd explode. This only seems to happen in multiplayer and it's really discouraged me from building rovers. This bug has been apparently been addressed by the community's members a few times in the past:

When this happens? Only when I'm playing multiplayer and using a wheeled vehicle... This seems gamebreaking. Any help on this?

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Hello, Engineer!

Is this issue still happening on the current released version 1.191.105? Any additional information will be greatly appreciated!

Thank you.

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Kind of. Occasionally the vehicle might fall through the planet again if it has, say... a trailer attachment like this one: 00a3ac2ed92b3fb773cb659468006d11

I think it is a desync issue with multiplayer servers, but wheels have been doing really great so far not trying to summon clang like I did here... It might have to do with those three rotors acting as the hinge for the trailer... Oops.


If youre having this issue come to:

over 300 people and its being looked into.


It hapend to my Twice on The Offical Server DE 9 and if ther is an Survival Kit on it the Spawn Point is under the Planets Crust. I cud pin Point the Location of my Last Rover The Cords ar GPS:Mr.Foster #2:67.73:4.65:-5.49:


And it is not just me.