Richer Biome Diversity! Suggestions for more immersive gameplay.(Survival Update)

OrbitalRefuse shared this feedback 13 months ago

Proposed Tropical Biome

1:No Local Ice

2: Dense new tropical/palm trees & plants

Proposed Sub Tropical Biome

1:No Local Ice

2: New tropical/palm trees & plants

Proposed New Technology:

1:Water Accumulator (dehumidifier) for hydrogen prod (Only efficient in humid biome)

2:Carbon 3D Printer

3:Carbon Light Armour Block

4:Carbon Heavy Armour Block

5:Hydrocarbon Processor (Create Carbon Power & Hydrogen)

Proposed New Ore:

1:Hydrocarbon (Available in Tropical Regions)

Proposed New Ingots:

1.Carbon Power

2.Carbon Nano tube

3.Carbon Fiber

Proposed New Components

1: Tempered Steel Plate (Tiered Block Strength)

2: Tempered Bullet Proof Glass (Tiered Block Strength)


Hydrocarbons allow for a start on a planet that is completely tropical and does not have ice. This material will allow you to still advance, but using different resources and technology.

A lot of these things have already been implemented by mods, but it would be nice to see more interesting planets with tropical regions or potentially worlds that are entirely tropical baked into the base game.