Revamp the Small/Large Naming System

Burstar shared this feedback 20 months ago

The overlap in the small / large naming of several concepts in the game can be confusing.

For Thrusters: I propose Main/Primary Thrusters vs. Manoeuvering/Secondary Thrusters

For Grids: I think this should remain the same, but alternatively, Big/Huge Grids vs. Tiny Grids.

For Cargo: A level system. Ie: instead of Small, Medium, and Large containers, use Class 1, 2 and 3 instead.

I was trying to make a Large Large Atmospheric thruster, but could not fit all the components in my Small Large Container. So I tried making a Small grid transporter, but the Large Small container' ports doesn't fit what I need it to do. I thought about making a Small Large container but realized they have the same volume as the Large Small ones. So, I just gave up and used Wheels.

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