(Request) - Please make "Modders Resource" category on Workshop.

Cheyne Stahlhut shared this feedback 12 months ago

Hi Guys,

Would you please make a category on the workshop for 'modding resources'?

There is a lot of great modding framework content out there that gets lost among the sea of space ships and game-play mods.

It would be really handy to have a modders resource category where modders can share things like pre-configured Blend files for people wanting to get started on modelling we can just point them too or information related to modifying specific elements of the game.

An area that modding guides could also point too and avoid the confusion of players thinking the resource is actually for use in 'playing' the game.

Things like HUDTextAPI or Extendable Research System and some of Lucas's mods like NPC programming extender or some simple stuff like a basic commented C# file that explains the basics of modding through the ModAPI for people wanting to get started on that.

Essentially modding resources for modders that aren't intended to be actually used in game for anything other than learning or attaching to other mods to increase their functionality.