replying to Blitzzz333 via steam

RavenWolf shared this feedback 4 months ago

hello i had posted a Review on steam as the game is just a unplayable and runs very bad and Blitzzz333 on steam linked me this support link so hear i am .. i first got this game back in 2016 and its still very unstable with its huge memory and gpu usage starting a new single player game with no mods it jumps to 10 - 14 GB ram usage and the GPU is at 98% for the hole time till the game lags its self to crash or its just unplayable. i am running the game on a i7 cpu, 16 GB ram, msi GTX 970 gpu. i have over 453 games just on steam alone and ive never had this problem with any other game apart form Shroud of the Avatar that runs high memory usage. i guess i could just run the game on all low settings so it looks worse than minecraft but what would be the point in that when my pc can just run 99% of all game i own and runs them well