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MaXiMuM4DgamingTV shared this feedback 4 months ago

helloooo, it's me again, lol. May I suggest to add a slider to set the simspeed to 0.1 - 1.0 in the replaytool menue. I think that may come handy when capturing slow mo- shots. Shouldn't be to hard to implent, right? Since the sim speed can already be changed, technically (I am naive xd)?

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In order to perform advanced recodring techniques you should use following lauch args (set via Steam launcher):

-render_sync -video_record

It will switch the game into deterministic mode where simulation and render run sequential to each other (one step of a simulation, one render frame, simulation, render, ...) as opposed to stardard parallel rendering which can drop or duplicate frames.

Second argument will make the game save every frame it renders into your %appdata% folder. This way you can then merge these frames offline and "apply" any sim-speed effects you like.



Those options sound highly intriguing. I have tried them, but at least for the -video_record option I can say that it doesn't work as described, no frames were written anywhere.

I could not find any documentation anywhere on the internet delivered through Google search results. Do you have any reference or at least a source on those options?




It looks like there are actually 3 steps to make it run. Besides the launch options mentioned above, you also need to set sync rendering in your config (See attached screenshot)

1) Make copy of your config before editing.

2) Really, make the copy :P

3) Add the highlited section if missing in your file

4) Make sure there are no duplicate "SyncRendering" entries in the config

5) Run the game with -render_sync -video_record

6) Inspect "Recording" folder highlited in the attached screen

Be careful tho, it eats up disk space like mad.

If you need to redirect your appData folder to different drive, you can do it by starting the game with -appdata "YOUR_ALTERATIVE_PATH".


I shall make the copy!

Thanks for the instructions!