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I've come across a few issues that are causing the Remote Control Block not to fully function correctly.

1. The remote block does not link more than 1 waypoint to the list, if you place more than 1 waypoint it just stops and goes nuts, when you got the block settings, you notice in the details that it is spamming between both waypoints.

2. In order for the Remote block to move with just 1 waypoint correctly on a DS you need a timer block with the following triggers -- Turn on Collision Avoidance then Turn off Collision Avoidance, this is allow(70% of the time) for it to move to the Waypoint without issues.

i've spent a fair amount of time working with these Blocks and i've gotit to the point where i have to work around the issues above.

placing more than 1 remote control block if i want more than 1 waypoint.

3. remote doesn't always trigger the action you set for it when it reachs the waypoint.

Forward, One way is the best option i've found to work best.

Long Post and i hope you understand, if you want more information, contact me and i'll be happy to show you on our server.(i've attached my world files to this post)

The problem with the remote blocks expand into both single and multiplayer(DS).


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This is a small highlight of when you give more than 1 waypoint to a remote block, it goes nuts.

another issue i wish to highlight for remote blocks and i've found this out last night, if a DS is up for longer than 4+ hours the remote blocks lose 1 of the YXZ axis, inwhich it travels.