Remake Of Coloring Mode

Lenkandreki shared this feedback 17 months ago

Coloring in Space Engineers is as important as building the actual ship when it comes to looks.

A ship's color may make the difference between that metal chunk you see as your first ship ever built and that glorious beauty you are working on right now.

The process of building usually goes like this, for me at least:

Ooh i like the way this ship is turning out

2 hours later....

Whew that took a while but the thruster pack is done!

3 Hours later.... after painting everything and making a nice looking chassis....

I love this the more i build on it...... let me just *accidentally recolors the entire ship because the shortcuts are so easy to mess up*

5 hours of work semi-ruined in a moment and all you are left with is the chassis which will take at least an extra half an hour to an hour to repaint just because the coloring keybindings are hard to use.

This has happened to me and my friends a couple of times and i wish we had a coloring mode with a undo and redo button, instead of selecting the "blocks" you want to paint you could click on the actual physical model and paint it maybe by using the collision model as the actual painting part.

Either way i wish painting would be made easier to do, undo and redo so any mistakes such as accidentally recoloring your friend's ship the 10th time in a row wouldn't happen.

(Please I really don't want this to happen an 11th time)

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I am more frustrated about trying to paint a block that has a light on it. Why can't we just paint the faces, at least on Armor, individually and based on the face being looked at and not the invisible cube volume that may be in the way?


@Geneticus Control and Shift respectively augment the paint brush size (control + shift does the whole grid). When painting blocks with lights on them use control, and it should get the block behind the light.


That paints all blocks adjacent which paints a lot of unintended blocks that could also have the same limitations for targeting.


I have been using this to get around these problems, would be nice to be vanilla though,