Refineries.. Second row inventory.. UI Impossible to use.

Adam Turner shared this bug 6 months ago

The UI bugs out when the first five slots in the refinery are occupied and small amount of ore are pulled from the sixth slot.. causes the second row of slots to appear and reappear constantly making the UI difficult to use because every inventory is moving up and down simultaneously. Make the second row of refinery inventory slots permanently stay active. I would rather have to scroll a little further down than put up with the inventories going crazy all over and making the UI unusable while refining/assembling at the same time. Not a new thing.. just sick of it! Is easily reproducible: Fill first five slot with common ores then refine something in which there are no ingots available while simultaneously using the assembler the make something from the last ore/ingot component which is being refined. Ingots are pulled immediately and UI just goes wild.

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