Recharge, pistons and sound bug 2018

MingTuck Chung shared this bug 15 months ago
Won't Fix

When the sun comes out your batteries won't be charging with the solar panels unless you exit and reload the game.

Pistons will make your ground vehicle go on a killer spin rampage killing and destroying everything in it's path when retracted with a side block collision.

Sometimes the sound of the refinery, reactor and drilling just goes off in mid game have to exit and reload the game.

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Hello Engineer,

you reported 3 different issues. Please create 3 separate reports and provide as much information as possible.

We cannot fix it without good description. Thank you!



The piston/rotor bug has been around for a while when the blocks collide and creates destructive damage to the build, but guess it can't be fix. But as for that repetitive sound bug that's as clear as I can describe it.