Radio Rework - Frequencies

Vivacious_Vii shared this feedback 10 months ago

I believe instead of worrying about Faction Radios and antennae, let the beacon do the work of knowing who a ship belongs to, like a license plate. Instead, allow Radios to operate on frequencies like they do in real life. Players should be able to surf frequencies and voice chat with other broadcasts in range, no matter who it belongs to.

For security, allow radio encryption? A block that allows encryption and another that attempts to break it would be a pretty fun sort of espionage mechanic, or a cool way to take control of enemy craft.

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the old system where you just were able to chat with your faction / mates directly was pretty nice as it gave some good atmosphere, so the idea sounds nice to have it kind of a back in, currently the antenna network is only usable for remote control / voice (but lets be honest, most use teamspeak/discord...)