[Public Test] Temperature System Suggestion

Absolarix shared this feedback 13 months ago

In the public test, we saw a new mechanic added to our Engineer characters, which made the surrounding environment's temperature something to consider when on foot. When in locations of considerable heat or cold, your character's suit would expend more energy to regulate your character's body temperature. However, this only takes effect when you are outside of an airtight area. The moment you enter an airtight area, this is no longer an issue at all.

I have an idea to keep this system in play while inside airtight environments as well. What I propose is that the existing Air Vent block and sealed Cockpit blocks take on another role; regulating the climate inside the airtight grid/Cockpit it is pressurizing, using the same mechanics currently in our Engineer suits. When the environment outside the grid would prove problematic for an Engineer with a dead suit battery, the Air Vent(s)/Cockpit would kick in to regulate it.

This way, an Engineer with a dead suit could seek safety inside, but that safety wouldn't be completely free. The grid they're taking refuge in would be drawing more energy to supply this convenience. I also suggest that vent's would not need to be conveyered to supply heat. Simply fully constructed and attached to the sealed room it would be regulating.