Beta 1.189 feedback

Niko Nissinen shared this feedback 12 months ago

So, here's what I think of the new stuffs:



Unnecessary, but ok. Sometimes when activating jet pack, it glitches so that it just throws the engineer around uncontrollably until the engineer hits somewhere and dies. Can be stopped by reloading the game.

Suit energy:

Depletes too fast.


It's not essential, but it's a good add.

Unless this is the reason the suit energy depletes too fast.


Hydrogen Engine:

I love it!

Something to fix: The time that it shows the hydrogen engine can power the grid is mad high; usually some thousands of years. Maybe try to calculate based by how long the hydrogen can last?

Fix also this: The hydrogen engine doesn't receive hydrogen unless it's on.

Bug: Sometimes when filled back to 100% it doesn't deplete anymore but keeps providing power.

Small, Small Battery:

This is great add aswell! Jetpacks, small escape capsules, smaller probes and drones are now even more possible!

Wind Turbine:

Awesome! More power during night!

To be fixed: The clearance calculations.

LCD Screens on cockpits, seats and pb:

I suppose you needed to do something to these at some point, but now since you added new visual things to them and made them read "offline" when powered off, can we please have them to show our own things like the other lcds?

Mining And Resources:

Stone gives other resources:

I love it! I'm sure all of us have had quite many times enough of it that inventories are filled with gravel.

The smaller chunks of ore:

I don't know. They look good, but the size. Too small perhaps. Easy to lose the visual of the smaller chunks especially in space.


They are better... Kinda. The shapes and sizes seem to vary a lot more and they seem to come in clusters. Not seeing those iron filled donuts anymore. But the resources are problem. I think they need to vary more per cluster.


Did you change how the voxel forms, since I feel like when drilling it creates sharper edges to the voxel? Needs to be bit smoother.


Earthlike Planet Foliage:

Looks great! Did you change some of the planet textures too?

Progression Tree:

This is stupid.

Isn't it hard enough to find the resources for the ships and stations you're building? Now you'll have to waste those resources and time to build things that you don't want or need in an order that hardly makes sense.

The darker menus:

Too dark!

Can't see the selected number in the toolbar menu without increasing gamma.

I will add the rest when I have more time.

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Add to list:

Camera angle constantly resets slightly when walking on voxels, doesn't happen when walking on a grid- result is jarring and jerky 1st person view.


The suit energy depletes faster in extreme temperatures. This effect is negated by being in an airtight environment. Extreme temperatures are freezing (in space) and hot (near the core of a planet).

I actually love this feature and think it should have even more of an impact on the suit energy. This way you are more encouraged to build airtight enbironments and use drones for mining and building.