Public Test (2) feedback

Rawr Rawr Rawr shared this feedback 14 months ago

I didn't get to play much, but here were my experiences. Right off the bat I think its bad that you can't build without being in a faction and having a faction limit at the same time. First server I joined I couldn't build anything because I wasn't in a faction, and I couldn't create a new one because a bunch of factions (Most of them just 1-3 people that were offline) had filled the capacity. This proved very annoying. If I wanna go solo let me.

Second problem was when I finally caved in and found a public faction that let me in, it was very difficult to reach them. I hadn't played survival mode (or the game at all) in awhile so I felt like quite a noobie, and not having the ability to just spawn at their MedBay forced me to walk for like 15 minutes straight to their gps coordinates (laaame). I understand why turning off this easy access teleportation with MedBays was made, but maybe each faction should have a "Main MedBay" or something so that its easy to get everyone playing together and get to work/fun. This prevents the cheeky teleportation mechanics mostly, and allows new players to piggy back of their friends as they learn the ropes of the games.

*Also noticed rotors behaved a little weird (rotating in both axis's a little bit and not turning even with power provided and velocity given) when making a mining rover, but its possible it was just me being dumb and forgetting how to work the things, once again been awhile since i've played.