Progression system prevent fixing respawn ship

Tony shared this feedback 11 months ago

I'm suggesting tweaks to the progression system.This is about the public test.

Current problem:

Progression system stops me from building not unlocked blocks.

Some blocks on respawn ship aren't unlocked at first, but are crucial to survival.

I accidentally damage one of those blocks. (I used girder on the oxygen generator in my case).

The block is now incomplete.

I can't fix it because I haven't unlocked it.

Now I'm breathing by respawning.

Can you change the progression so that we can fix unresearched block but not placing them? I know, careless is a sin in SE and sometimes punishable by death. But suffocating while holding parts from the oxygen generator doesn't make a very good gaming experience, don't you think?

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Well I wouldn't agree that it is carelessness. Often times is is near impossible to grind a desired block, because you target the empty space the block isn't occupying instead of what you are aiming at and nearly directly in contact with. This is even worse on small grids.


Yeah ! Had the case one or two times during test.

Trying to grind a few things from the pod to salvage components and then hit the battery with the grinder, not long, but enough to disable it... And that's the "oh shit ! " moment. 😒

So at that point, that's you're screwed : no power in the drop pod, impossible to weld the battery back (progression tree), and even if you could, you cannot produce powercells (that become scraps when you gring them) ... So yeah ...

Rule n°1 : careful to the battery on your drop pod ! 😂