Programmable Blocks LCD's not working

Magz Payne shared this bug 28 days ago

Programmable block displays don't work anymore since the last update [1.191.105] (worked less than a week ago). Neither scripts nor custom text shows up on the screen or keyboard. Regular LCD's and cockpit screens work.

How to replicate:

1. Create a new world (survival/creative/offline/online doesn't matter) with NO mods and all settings to DEFAULT.

2. Place a programmable block and a power source on any grid.

3. Try changing the display from "No Content" to either "Script" or "Text and Images"

4. Look at the screen and keyboard. Default image is the only thing displayed.

This might seem like a small issue but we used to be able to tell at a glance what script and version was running since I add it to all my progblocks "Edit text" field to know if I need to update the scripts or If I've made any other changes myself in the code so I can carry it over when scripts get updated. Now we need a separate display on our server next to all of them which is silly.


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This is most definitely a new bug/issue. These were working just like... not even 2 days ago, and they no longer work.

Doesnt matter if you have mods or not, what game mode, or what game type (dedicated/single), Programmable Block LCDs no longer display anything other than the default image