Pressurization bug near flight seat and windows

Boldizsár Sándor shared this bug 6 months ago

So I've been salvaging an encounter called "Salvage Station" and grinded down the "Window 1x1 Face" block next to the flight seat. I expected that the station sends all of it's pressurized air out at that spot. Now I have a doorless access to pressurized area.

Here is the imgur link to the screenshot:

I think you can easily reproduce this by finding/spawning a Salvage Station or by creating a similar scenario like in the screenshot. Just create a pressurized area (ship grid, not station), and build one of the corners like the screenshot. Grind down the window 1x1 face and it should happen. If you enter it there, you see that there is oxygen and heat, and you can easily exit this area by simply flying/walking out.

I've really rushed this bug report, if something is missing or I broke the law please correct me.

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