Planet sections seem to be off centered

Veit Maruschke shared this bug 3 months ago
Won't Fix

I just started a fresh creative mode game with a couple of mods enabled (see screenshots), and the sections of the Earth planet seem to be off-centered. I followed around the edges, unfortunatelly forgot the take screenshots of the first intersection, but based on the angle between the edges and the distance, there are at least 4 points of intersection. (I've visited 3 so far and as they all differed, there as to be at least another one and the inner part is like a tetrahedral)

Somewhat in the voxelgeneration from the planet map had a minor inconvenience which resulted in the sections being missaligned by a couple of meters.

I dont think this happens often as a quick research couldnt find me any results, but might be something which can be addressed in a far future and I think the first entry to open a bug ticket is also not too bad and might be worth linking back to at later reports of the same issue to avoid duplicates in the backlog of bug tickets.

Game version 1.193.021, Space System custom world

Just remembered that as I loaded the game after the initial setup, I did spawn in the Space Suite at one of the poles, there were no other spawn options like the vehicles for the Space System as usual. Might be related to this, but not sure.

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Hello, Engineer!

Thank you for reporting the issue. We are aware of this but it's not on top of our priority list of issues now.

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