Planet creator (creative)/random or adjustable planet spawn number (survival)

Joseph Thompson shared this feedback 3 months ago

There should be more planet types and maybe a planet/moon creator for creative that lets you set the kind of enviroment, size, ore types, and other such things. Also there should be more planet/moon types as well as a slidebar for how many planets (random types and moon amounts) you want to spawn in the new system and a checkbox that you can check if you would rather have a random number of planets\moons to spawn instead. Maybe also put abandoned bases on planets/moons with varying degrees of decomposition that you have to find by actually looking or stumbling upon.

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This is exactly what I was just thinking about.

Yes, Space Engineers has an alright modding community, but I believe that if KEEN made an in-game option to create your own planet, not just to generate for a world, but for the workshop could bring the creativity of the player base out from people who weren't capable of making a planet or moon from scratch. If there were to be any update based around one specific thing, this would be it.

Heres a few features I would see this having for planet customization.

  1. Size
  2. Atmosphere
  3. Gravity
  4. Resources
  5. Oxygen
  6. Temperature
  7. Wind
  8. Hazards; toxic, magma, maybe even work on new hostile NPCs
  9. New features: Magma streams, volcanoes, geysers, ect


Yes they should add a seperate tab just for this


But obviously they're not even going to look at this suggestion