Performance Issues of Survival Overhaul

Merlinius Ambrosius shared this bug 11 months ago

Ever since the Survival Overhaul yesterday I have been running a dedicated server with just me in it and a very small base next to a lake of ice. I have a basic assembler, basic refinery, hydrogen tank with a connector, o2h2 generator, survival kit, and small cargo container and 3 wind turbines. I also have a small rover that is 102 blocks total with a cockpit, hydrogen, hydrogen tank, 6 wheeels, medium cargo container, and a connector. So that is everything I own in a small area along the lake, yet I continually experience low simulation quality warning, complex scene warning, and regular game pausing to load when I am moving. Most of the time the game pausing is a couple of seconds, but several times it has been over a minute and I cannot just shut the server down during the long pauses because then I would lose save data. I have restarted the server several times between pauses but it fails to fix the issue.

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to improve game performance, game developers should remove: pistons rotors connectors programming blocks engines lcd arms Leave only building blocks then power ok and do not have to deal with errors which is still a lot


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