Performance Drop since Survival update // Performance drop, when using dampeners

MaXiMuM4DgamingTV shared this bug 2 months ago
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I'm having trouble with the Sim-speed. Yes... I use experimental mode... yes... its a big ship... (~60k blocks)... but it worked kinda fine before the update . I would like to provide you the save game / blue print, if you wanna look into it. You may find some stuff that could help to increase the performance in General.

I also noticed a HUGE, like seriously, HUUUGE impact on performance, as soon as a large amount of thrusters start dampening. it basicily goes from 0,8 simspeed to 0,35. I believe this works the same way with a greater amount of smaller grids, instead of just one big Grid.

Even a grid, that is not moving, will impact performance, if dampeners are set to "ON"

I have 16gb Ram (which gets used up to ~80%)


Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-7700 CPU @ 3.60GHz

I do not have any issues with FPS.

I tested this with a dedicated server from GTXGaming (4.8GHZ+ OC, HIGH CPU priority,10 slots, for 25€)

it has the same effect (even tho I have a better simspeed, than having the entire Load on my PC)

If I can provide any logs or something, I do be glad to help you out

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I have exactly the same bug. I've been working on a large ship for quite some time. I've never had my simspeed drop below 0.95. I've loaded this file up after the update and I'm hitting no more than 0.40 sim... when near to the ship.

Want to echo the "HUUUGEEE" part in the above comment. I was seriously surprised.

No FPS Issues

Edit: after reading about the Inertial Dampeners above, I can confirm that when Dampeners are off, the Sim speed returns


Hello, Engineer!

Yes please we would like to take a look into it even tho you are in experimental.

There is no file in attachment. Once you upload it, we will check it out!

Thank you very much.

Kind Regards

Keen Software House: QA Department


Here is the file for my world with the issue.


Sorry, took me some days to finish it, time flew by.

Feedback is very welcome, and I would love to get notified if it helped you out


I receive massive lag spikes when using conveyor junctions for a ship in large quantity. This was not a problem until the release update.

Batteries also cause massive lag when used in large quantity as well.