PCU Friendly, More effective Blocks.

Vivacious_Vii shared this feedback 11 months ago

In an effort to conserve PCU I would like to see newer, larger, more powerful versions of the blocks we all know and love. Just some ideas would be like

>Advanced Wind Turbine

>Advanced Solar Panels

>Huge Reactor

>Large Hydrogen Processor. >Huge Hangar Doors

>Experimental Thrusters (extra points for aerospike?)

>Fabricator (a huge heavy welder/replicator thing?)

>Bore (an absolutely massive drill)

>Heavy Reaction Wheel (advanced gyro)

>Collection Bin (like a huge collector block)

The general point is.. one block that replaces the effectiveness of dozens of the same block. A lot of PCU gets eaten up by people putting a dozen drills on the front of their ship. Lets put those superconductors to more use and build more advanced, bigger blocks \o/ Saving PCU in the late game means more late game fun like base defenses and star ships.