Out of memory/crashing [01_192_022]

Sk1ns shared this bug 5 months ago

Game crashing, Windows pops up a warning message stating low on memory (Ram), more than a couple of times with a message satinbg 'gpu driver crash'.

Tried a new save 10 times within the last couple of days and a new game today (9th sept 2019) and same thing. No scripts, no mods, no cargo ships, no drones, no random encounters and so on, unknown signals were left on.

All new games started in star system on the moon of mars (Europa). Fly away from pod and the sound stutters as well as other things. Gets worse over time while flying around searching for boulders for needed ore and to 'gps' each one if any and if able. Stuttering all round gets worse untill Windows sound plays to a pop up message stating 'low system memory' and asks if I want to close 'Space engineers' to fix the low memory.... At most 'total' system memory (Ram) does not go over 12.8GB out of 16GB (half the time 11GB total used). Vram is around 3GB or so out of 6GB used.

This has been far, far worse since 'Keen' pushed a 'hidden fix' out of which reset every single setting whether it be 'Game' 'Display' 'Graphics' and 'Key binding' as well as 'Audio'. I know this happened as I closed the game down to move files from one drive to another and went back into the game to be greeted with ingame messages as if it was my first time starting the game... Steam did not report on any new update either, fix or otherwise.

7 Months ago, I reported a memory leak, 'Keen' did nothing as here I am once again with pretty much the same thing.. More bugs in bound, find them if you can..

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