Oculus, Vive, Virtual Reality Support

Vivacious_Vii shared this feedback 9 months ago

I genuinely just wanna put on the headset and have the awareness of being immersed in Space Engineers.. The headset support would be my number one go to request for this game. The Free-look is already so nice in game, and even works on foot. When we're rooted to a console or seat We could enable leaning or looking around so you could peek over screens or around support pillars. A lot of people will probably bring up controls but Personally I could use the keyboard and mouse in VR and be pretty happy with it.

With the xbox Version along the way I imagine Keen has already gone through the paces of adapting controller support. But if they ever took the time to work out a sort of TiltBrush style toolbar or a pipboy kind of UI for controllers that'd be insane! At the end of the day though, We just wanna sit at our computer desk and dawn on a headset to look around.

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Holy jeez, out of everything. You would expect the suggestion to have alot more attention. I mean, I would absolutely fan-boy space engineers in VR, even go out and purchase a headset myself if I heard SE was getting some virtual reality attention fit in.

I'm not sure how difficult or challenging it would be to implement an official support branch for VR, however if you were to ask me, it would likely bring alot more attention to the game alongside that. Even just freelooking would be a hell of a step forward for Space engineers.

Would freak the heck out over it. :p