O2/H2 Revamp

Vivacious_Vii shared this feedback 11 months ago

-so first off- I had to open up Microsoft Edge because I couldn't write this import in google chrome. :I -

Anyhow, my suggestion is to take a second look at the way Liquids are used in the game. I would like to see a separation of H2 and O2 seeing as they're wholly different gasses with different requirements for storage irl.

>Oxygen Compressors, Not generators, Should be a block on their own.

>Oxygen should have small & large tanks. Should be able to pump oxygen out of the air at a quick rate.

>Hydrogen/Oxygen Generators should require decent energy hit and be able to split water into either gas, p much as they already do now. They do not have a tank.

>Hydrogen Tanks should also be large/medium as well. They should be highly pressurized, so can hold a substantial amount of o2., explode violently if damaged. Extra points if, when they're full, they look Icey and produce a Smokey/steamy effect in pressured atmospheres.

>At the current moment, O2/H2 generators don't allow hydrogen to pass through them. I'm not sure why. I suppose gasses only comes out with them. I'm fine with this, just seems unintuitive to put conveyers on both sides. Maybe a texture update that says "output" or "gas out" or something.

>Alternatively, should Gasses have their own looking conveyer door? I noticed theres 2 kinds of conveyer doors, ones you can interact with and ones you can't. Perhaps the latter should be more noticeably different?

Thanks for taking the time to read this. These are mostly thoughts I've compiled as solutions to questions I find myself asking while playing the game.