O2 H2 generator creates hydrogen without consuming ice

Alex_kneze shared this bug 5 months ago

Today while playing on server i noticed an interesting bug: O2 H2 generator started generating hydrogen without consuming ice. My base had 2 wind turbines, which were producing around 480 kWt of energy, a battery on charge (not fully charged), 2 empty hydrogen tanks and O2 generator (max input 500).

After i drilled some ice to fill my H2 bottle (around 700) I went to main base to pick some resources for another wind turbine, but when i returned, tanks had some hydrogen inside (0,1-0,5 %) and generator had 700 ice. After some research i noticed that this generator 1) works two times slower than in normal situation 2) creates Hydrogen completely without consuming ice (i left 1 ice and it still continued)

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