Numerous texture errors on small light armor blocks

Lukas D shared this bug 5 months ago

Issue #1

When using dark (low Value) colours on Small Light Amor blocks, the texture becomes pixlated and off-coloured. It is much too pale and is covered in random square spots These pixelated spots are the only part of the texture with the correct colour.

This only affects the Default armor skin, on Small Light blocks. But the 2x1x1 Corner Slope blocks are unaffected.

In the image below, every block is the same colour. The two in the middle are the default skin, and the rest are using the new 'clean' armor skin. You can see how severe it is.


Issue #2

In a possibly related bug, the 2x1x1 Corner Slope blocks (the same blocks that aren't affected by the issue above), with the Clean armor skin also have texture errors when using dark colours.

Again the colour is much too pale and the lines on the texture become pixelated, though in a different way to the issue above.

See in the image below. Again, every block is the same colour, but these 4 blocks have messed up textures.


The colour used in both these screenshots is #050101 but as I said it affects every dark colour.

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