Nowhere is uranium.

Full Name shared this feedback 2 months ago

I bought game 4.11.2019 and I play a lot,

fly into space, play SP and MP on servers with Star System (only + at the beginning of tutorial scenarios).

For more than 100 hours, I was only searching for uranium ore on asteroids between the Moon and Earth and around.

In this game I never find uranium ores.

This is a bad design or is really some wrong or broken for new players in this game.

And I can only find Platinium on the Moon.

The range of ore detectors is Joke.

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I have found Uranium 2 places near my base on Earth, and on a dozen asteroids near the earth. Here is a picture of one of the Uranium mines I use on Earth:

I do not use any mods and play on a normal planet system with mars, the moon and so on.


Tgere is no uranium on earth planet.......unless tou add it yourself or a mod