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Jim Thompson shared this bug 6 months ago

Most pre-generated scenarios (Unmodded or moded) will not show anything. It leaves the screen a black, voxel-esc mess. If I load any scenario with a planet or celestial body ( besides astroids) The games seems to not allow me to see any of it. The hud is there and I can interact with everything, including gravity, but visually I am not able to see anything besides the highlight of the intractable, the HUD, and sometimes if the corner of the screen is nothing but the skybox, I can see it depending on the orientation of the player model. I have been able to play the crashed red ship, the lone survivor, and the red ship platform one (can't remember the name). I have tried a couple of "ways to fix this" but none work. If I could get some pointers on how to fix this, that would be appreciated.

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Edit: I did something (IDK) And now the skybox is completely ok, but all planets are pitch black? also my hand is now aswell


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