No player body?

Justin McBride shared this bug 4 months ago
Need More Information

Game had auto saved while i was in a flight seat. Later loaded into game and had no controls.

Using admin screen i could not find any characters, so no player body for me to use.

After attempting to add playable char pressed K and game crashed. submitted the error form with basically this description.

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Hello, Engineer!

Thank you for reporting the issue but unfortunately we aren't able to reproduce it.

Could you please provide more information about the issue? Is it happening in singleplayer or multiplayer game (dedicated server or hosted game)?

If the issue persist in some specific world please attached the world file with steps to reproduce.

Also please attach the crashlog!

Kind Regards

Keen Software House: QA Department


Hi there,

I have had this happen on 2 worlds now, the other i had deleted.

Is on a single-player map on offline mode no mods. Happens if i save and quit while in a cockpit.

After which loading in leaves me with a view from the cockpit but no movement controls. i can use press f10 alt+f10 like normal.. but cannot look around or move.

Have attached what i can find of the crash logs.

Which file is the correct world file you need? I tried to attach the SBS file but it didnt show up.

Kind Regards,



Screenshot from in-game no in-game HUD at all.

I can control the ship as though my body was the ship.

But pressing the normal exit seat button does nothing and game crashes as soon as i press K