No Antenna Connection possible via Subgrid on DS

Lord_Anubis shared this bug 15 months ago

Hello its me Again.

I got a Problem with the regular Antennas.

I build a Rocket similia to Elon Musks BFR. Mine I call B.E.R. - Big Extraodinary Rocket.

Cause there is no place I can put in a big ship Antenna a use the solution to get connection to a small grid antenna on large rotor with small rotor head. Attached to it is a small grid Antenna to get the Terminal of the B.E.R. . The Reason I do this is that I want to Use the Remote Control Block on the Main Grid, but if I taking control it throw me completly out of the connection.

I tried it a few times and every time the same. After connection via subgrid to main grid, it kicks me off and I cant bring back my B.E.R. First Stage from Orbit to the Launchpad.

I hope you can fix it. And by the way Main Remote and Main cockpit option is buggy as hell. It didn't work like suppose to do.


your sincerely


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