New system of space suits

Ilya shared this feedback 11 months ago

I propose to introduce in game 3 types of costumes. This is useful for creating a full gameplay for all "game zones". And also for rebalancing the entire system costumes in a whole.Let me remind you, at the moment, at the start, in a free suit, you can just fly into space. That's weird, at least.

The current universal suit may be "replaced" by 2 others. For example, you can add a new suit1, "for planets". Let him be a hero when you are reborn (I will explain all the nuances later). It will have the same inventory as usual, but will not be equipped with a hydrogen cylinder and magnet boots. Instead, this suit will be able to push the player into the air for a few meters (or tens of meters) due to the compressed air inside the suit (with some recharge, this will balance the gameplay on the ground), It will also have a supply of oxygen, but the size of which will be reduced.

Okay, go ahead, this suit is not required (at all), but if you add one more, then why not. The third kind of costume. Again, it can be balanced as you like. But I will try to think about its essence. In General, it will be something like a working spacesuit for space. It will have a larger internal volume of energy reserves and supplies (Maybe a reinforced spotlight) . But at the same time it will have a smaller supply of hydrogen, oxygen and basic dynamics. I. e. flight / run with reduced speed. As well as the inability to fly on planets at all.

Suit2 (Standard) does not require changes.

And the last. You can argue with that, but I suggest a cryo system. At the moment, the cryocapsule is not used in any way. But this system will allow the player to store and change costumes in the cryocapsule, where, according to their production, they will immediately go. This applies only to suits number 2 and number 3.

As for the balance of respawn. As I said before, the starting suit will be a suit. It will be of little use for space, which in turn will force players to seek to revive it on the planets. But if still there are people who want to polizyvat in space from the very beginning, in space suit, in addition to the above characteristics will have one more: it will fly by compressed gas (like SAS in KSP) which will give lower acceleration than usual. Well, for difficulty balance (what would the players do not have to suffer in this suit) to start the vehicle (Only space) you need to add the cryo tube, by default. Suits same (number2) will be created not from the most expensive materials. For example: Iron plates, computers, bulletproof glass, screen, small tubes. You can add anything to balance.

I know that the idea is very raw, but I just wanted to convey to you the essence. Maybe if you like the idea, you can develop it. I do not insist on all the points in this article, but I would be happy if my ideas found a response in the game. Thank you for reading.