New Suits and Models

Petr Stejskal shared this feedback 9 months ago

Please add new suits for open space, battle and stations

  1. 2 version of space suit (light and heavy)
  2. Classic suits for stations
  3. Battle suits with great armor for fight

Maybe these suits can be produced or explored in some progressive tree, even after unlocking a certain block or component, it's just an idea you might be interested in, it would spread the concept of survival, there's a chance for a combat suit , Maybe a lightweight kevlar or other composite sticks, another of some hybrid material that could be stronger than the one above, of course it would still tune it up, but it could certainly be a lot of players.

Thanx, for voting and have nice day boys

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hmm yeah but add this post to because just zou need Vote :)


Nah thanks. It was a suggestion that was not wanted back then and thus i wont invest time suggesting it again when i dont even play the game anymore.

I had my time with SE and only just casually go through the forum again looking for some bits and bobs.

If you or someone else wants to use this suggestion to do something else with it, feel free to. I never kept my suggestions or ingame creations "locked away". So do with it what you want, that's all. I personally wont do too much.