New ore detector idea

Evelyn shared this feedback 11 months ago

Okay so I propose a new idea for ore detectors. A modular ore detector. There's a base unit and an extend range module. With each module, the range can increase by either 1/2 or double to a maximum range of say, 1km / 1000m. This would use the very underused module system and give us a longer range ore detector which we keep crying out for and wanting. This would be "cool" in terms of looks if done correctly! I think this feature would be really neat as well giving us all a means to have a good range ore detector thats not mega OP right off.

I've talked on the steam discussion about this and several other people think that it could also have a charge up system for long range pings instead like jump drives and I think this would also be a fairly useful feature. We also discussed a couple ways to keep lag down and one was having a ping scan that labled GPS points instead of the constantly updated points of normal ore detectors.

The original discussion is here: