Need large grid power options on the Moon - balance & progression

Danny Ricky shared this feedback 14 months ago

I played a couple of the survival scenarios and on earth the pod survival can easily progress because there is the wind generators made with basic components. however when i tried the same on the moon, no atmosphere so no wind turbine. There is no way to build anything to power a large grid to progress. I finally managed to connect my small grid battery to the large grid using a rotor an merge block but could not figure any other way.

H2 engine needs a power cell and tubes. Solar panels need tubes. Batteries also need power cells. Tubes and power cells cannot be constructed with the survival kit.

You can salvage some tubes and other components from the buggy but assuming you could make one solar panel, it does not have the power to run the basic assembler or basic refinery.

I have a balance suggestion. Follow the pattern you did with the Basic refinery and assembler and the small battery. Introduce low quality/inefficient variants of solar panels and large grid batteries for early game made with basic components that the survival assembler can produce.

Also need some early way to store small quantities of power. Allow the survival assembler to create power cells or create a simple variant of a weak battery.

This would allow someone to make one wind turbine or one solar panel. Let it charge a battery at low W. Then when charged it can operate the basic assembler or refinery for a few minutes. keep the capacity of this crude battery very low so it can only run for a short period (eg 1-2kWh) and the W low ( eg1.5kW) enough just to run one assembler or one refinery at a time for a few minutes per charge.

in summary i would like to see:

1. add a small or inefficient version of a large grid solar panel using only survival components

2. change survival kit to construct power cells

3. add inefficient large grid battery using only survival components. (or without power cells)

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This also comes with a bug. On the moon, i don't know about other planets, the sun hitting the solar panels directly isn't enough to activate the solar panels. They stay yellow until later during the day. This needs to be addressed.


Yes true, start without progress on Moon is without battery, very complicated and long, but not impossible. This is situation, why I on Multi, first searching other players assembler :-D .. And if I dont find any, just I dont play on Moon. I don like this looooong complicated start on Moon.


1 year has gone by... please fix the game, Keen.