Multiple Posts ALL describing the same issue

AngelShadow9451 shared this feedback 8 months ago

The total votes for all these "individual" posts should be sufficient for the bug to be being worked on based on the "In-progress" bugs.

Post number one: for it: 14

Post number two:

Votes for it: 17

Post number three:

Votes for it: 4

Post number four:

votes for it: 4

Post number five:

The last one is one on the Space Engineers Steam discussion page. From my own research (I have the same issue) it seems to be an issue with atmosphere of planets. Upon using this workshop planet: the issue is fixed. The only thing different with this planet is the atmosphere.

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This is one of those old, old bugs that has confused the devs since planets were first introduced, dozens and dozens of people have complained about it and yet they (devs) were still clueless. Now that someone has gone to the effort of identifying the issue, I wonder if it will get fixed quickly ( it should ), or if it will take them another couple years like so many other small but annoying issues... place your bets.


Is this the same as getting frame artifacts while playing? Sometimes when I play some fotograms apear with blacked zones on them, they are realy fast but enought to me to take notice


Yep- usually they appear as a black octagon, though they can just be a black patch anyway on the screen, lasts for just a split second. I still get them occasionally, and I see them when watching others streaming- it's not likely gfx card related as I know some of these guys are running top-end kit.


I completely agree, this needs fixed and more than enough people have outlined the issue and want it solved.