Multiplayer large station grid 'sliding' and other issues

Timmy Ingelbrecht shared this bug 11 months ago

I recently rented a dedicated server from nitrado for me and a couple friends and we have some problems/bugs.

1: We have a certain assembler that crashes our game when we try to access by standing in front of it and pressing F while looking at the cargo 'entance', or when we try to open its menu by looking at a control panel and pressing F and it even crashes our game when we go in to station controls and just click on it in the list. The assembler does produce things and we can get it out of its inventory if we access another cargo entrance somewhere and drag it away.

we tried: restarting the server, grinding the complete assembler away and putting a new one, remove power and put it back on.

2: if start a playing session everything is fine but after about half an hour to an hour first one of us and eventually all of us start to have trouble walking on our large station, when we drop down on it from jetpackflight we just keep bouncing untill we hit something or fall off the platform. when we sprint on it and stop sprinting we wont stop 'bouncing' for a couple blocks or untill we hit something. sometimes our walkingspeed is decreased to 2.5-3m/s.

We also occasionaly have issues where we cant take off with ships, today we had a welding ship that we disconnected from its connector, released the landing gear but when we try to fly away the player is is piloting it sees that it is moving away for like 4 or 5 blocks and then rubberbanding back to the connector (not receiving damage) but the players that are looking from the outside never see the craft moving at all. Yesterday my drilling ship also couldn't move away from the platform it just didnt move at all and when i got out of the cockpit it started slowly moving its nose into the air (even though thrusters where shut down) and eventually continue untill it fell on its back (did get badly damaged).

This issue stops when we restart the server but quickly returns, what is also weird about it sometimes only 2 people ( we play with 3 people) have the issue, one of them more than the other but as soon one of those 2 people leaves the server the 3rd person gets affected.

Thank you for reading, please let me know what other details you need.

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I have found a video of someone with the same bug like number 2, which was also posted on this forum today:


Im currently having a similar issue myself. albeit not as bad as Timmy above has shown (we had that on the last server save. only way to fix was to delete the base and remake it.).

This bug is rather annoying becuase there seems to be no way to fix it. Server restarts did not fix it, and the last time we had a more severe version of this bug, it required the grid to be deleted and the base rebuilt. ruining any tunnels and underground stuff because you can never get it back to where it was.

The Video is being Processed at the time of this reply.



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