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Multiplayer issues: Desync, Memory Leaks, Clang

Delizin shared this bug 18 months ago
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My friends and I have been enjoying the new multiplayer update on a public dedicated server. However, we are still running into a lot of issues with desyncing and memory leaks. Not sure what is causing the memory leak, but it is happening fairly often and requires restarting the game regularly. We have been playing mostly on Mars and using wheeled vehicles for everything.

The desync affects both our player characters and our vehicles. At times we will appear to be standing still to our friends, but we will be running around doing things. If they relog it will correct itself. Our vehicles will also sometimes not be where we see them or doing what they appear to be doing. This typically happens when we fly far away from our vehicles and return to them. We have a large 6 5x5 wheeled base and after leaving and coming back we will find one of the rear wheels missing and that part of the vehicle stuck in the ground.

Also we were using pistons with connectors to lower down and connect with our small mining vehicles. Every time we have left the car and returned, clang has visited us. The piston will have separated from our vehicle, apparently with great force, taking our mining vehicle and often times a good chunk of our main ship with it.

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My issues also include functional blocks enabled state not matching sever/host. e.g. When I try to fly a ship while my client says thrusters are on, it seems that it moves then jumps back. When I reconnect to the server/host, I see that the thrusters are off.

Update: While walking around on earth-like near an air vent set to depressurize in open air, my HUD shows "O2 None". Breathing and heart beat can be heard though no damage is dealt.


Similarly on our server, we get a looping sound of choking (as if we were running out of O2) when we leave the cryochamber we added to our lander. This happens if one of us logs out while inside, and then (I think after a server restart) logs back in. The moment we exit the cryo chamber, the O2 reading on the bottom of our screen says None, but we are in the earth-type atmosphere, and the lander is exposed to it having multiple missing armour blocks, and we are not losing any health, and our personal oxygen is at 100%, just the looping sound and the incorrect "O2 None" reading. When we move away from the lander, the looping sound of choking stops about 100m out, but then begins again if we move back toward the lander. I found that by removing one armour block from the lander, O2 reading returns to high and the looping sound stops. It's really strange.


We have the same issues on my private server.

I have a towing wheeled vehicle which i use to tow trailers around. Which works fine for most of the time. After I park the vehicle and not using it for some time. When I come back and unlock the vehicles parking breakes. My vehicle just doesnt move on my client i only see wheels spin... But when i get out of the seat my vehicle suddenly warps forward like it was driving on the ground. I have already destroyed vehicle once in same way I have drove into my mining hole not knowing that my vehicle is moving on the server. Same way when I left the seat my client synced. And I saw my vehicle wreck.

Other thing is happening a lot that toolbar commands don't work.

Sometimes inventory doesn't sync. And Items get lost no where to be found while moving stuff in desync state.



Thanks you for your reports.

It is just if you want to report bug, please report every bug individually. Reporting bugs this way, where you make a long text filled with different bugs makes it harder to reproduce any of them. It is also important to write down some steps to reproduce the issue. If we don't know how to reproduce it, we can not create a ticket and it probably won't be fixed.

Here is a template which can be used for bug reports:

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Affected Version:

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(The steps should be simple as loading up a scenario and using the assets at your disposal if anything needs to be constructed or certain assets need be spawned then please attach the save, blueprint or link to steam workshop that is required to reproduce this issue.)

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I didn't see this before. Is there any FAQ for creating bug reports?

And this troubleshooting section is somewhat old and need update


@Keen Support

Please add bug report template in new issue textbox 😜


As a developer myself, I agree with the sentiment of "tell me specifically what is wrong and/or how you did it". However, the problem here is not a single odd instance of desync. When playing MP, I experience desync and desync-like issues constantly. It's not always the same twice, it's not always obvious what is going on, or how to reproduce it. One minute it's thrusters, the next it's laser antennas. Then it's a refinery. Landing gear, then connectors, then the remote control block. A few minutes later, I step out of the cockpit, and I appear to be floating outside my ship. Except I'm not - I'm trapped inside. Either my ship or my character is desynced on position, and I can't go anywhere!

I came back to SE after a long pause because Marek was finally saying the right things in his blog, and it looked like Keen had finally realized what fixing multiplayer was going to take.

Well, there certainly have been improvements, but to call multiplayer comprehensively fixed, this level and frequency of desync needs to be systematically addressed. I know it is devilishly hard to eliminate all instances of desync, but it really feels to me like this was very much missed.

So while I will try to submit specific bugs if I can identify and reproduce them, I want to suggest very strongly that the developers take some initiative here to find the problems and figure out how to test for them effectively and comprehensively. And then fix them, of course.

Lastly, I want to mention that some things I thought were desync persisted after reconnecting to the server, and were only resolved after a server restart. This suggests that there are also some issues with consistency of the state of things on the server side. This is really hard to identify clearly from a connected client.

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