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Kyle Bially shared this feedback 16 months ago

Hey Keen

I am a long time fan of SE, literally you build the game I have been dreaming of forever. My best idea for SE is the need to force multiplayer interaction. I love to build non the less, but wheres the fun in everyone just mining and stockpiling, building, repeat and maybe seeing someone randomly on the server here and there. I get there is a lot of mods out there to increase those chances. But really this game is almost too heavily dependent on mods. At least in the servers for the most part.

I dont think it would be hard to impliment really. Just add components needed that cannot be built. Have area's that can be attacked, looted, discovered, really the possibilities are limitless. Or have ore situated in certain areas like caves in planets.

I believe this would change the entire dynamic of the game. And a great reference on having great or a lot of interaction in multiplayer is the game RUST. It may be a bit of toxic gaming community but the interaction in Rust is very indepth. Have a bunch of your team play it for a while and see how much interaction is pushed with this game. It does have a building mechanic as well but nothing complex as SE.

The Other thought which also comes from the idea in the game RUST. Is have a block called the core. Where you or your faction need privileges on it to weld or grind or build blocks. This forces more action to the game in the affect that you need to blow open air lock doors or walls. NOT JUST GRIND THEM DOWN. Also its a way to try to infiltrate the ships we build instead of the weld the part half way down to hack it. If you got to the core. you would have access to the ships systems.

Please do read and consider this THANKS!!

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Well, while I would'nt suggest the "core" thingy, I think more interaction in the multiplayer is really necessary. But you shouldn't force PVE players into something... My idea is kind of a market place, or a space station that spawns on every map that gets generated (gps should be shared to the players somehow).

And here is another suggestion: Make hand grinder a lot weaker against special blocks, like heavy armor, airtight doors (that sort of stuff). Force players to blow it up or to build something that can use a large grid Grinder, to Grind through that kind of stuff.


Hey I get not forcing everyone into PVE but your idea of a market place would work with my senario as well. You would have the guys that want to do PVE selling the components on the market place. It would become a supply and demand. And those willing to take the risk reap the rewards.

And on the core setup is really the fact if your building a ship. An opponent shouldn’t be able to get into with simple tools. It should be a bit more complex than that. Thus the core keeps that access between those allowed and those that are not. Plus it makes protecting the core another aspect for the builds especially in large ships. Infiltration or spies become more of an aspect trying to track down how to take over the ship. It’s too easy to take ships. Some people take the pride and joy, not to mention long hours building these things only for someone to deplete there ammunition offline and steal it like that.