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Multiplayer Dedi Server Terrain/Physics issue - ships and characters sink into planet

Anne Viljoen shared this bug 19 months ago


On my dedi server multiplayer, we cannot land on Europa or Mars as our spawn ships sink into the ground.


1. Spawn in mars lander or Alien Planet Lander.

2. Land on Planet.

Issue Details: The lander sinks into the ground. If you leave the pilot seat, you are thrown out of the ship graphically. You then cannot move, there seems to be and invisible wall around you.

I used my admin tools and deleted the ship, which removed the invisible wall. My suspicion here is that the server still thinks you are in the ship, so the ship walls are stopping you from moving.

When you then walk on the planet, your also sink in... just a little, so it looks like the sinking is relative to the object.

I tried to fix the problem by replacing the vx2 files with the originals (I made a backup before we started playing), but this did not resolve the issue.



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Update: I used the admin tools to remove and respawn a new Mars. I set a new seed when spawning the planet. The same bug occurred on the new Mars planet.

I also tested lowering the Voxel setting under graphics, but this does not change anything.


Yes it's caused by the landing gears not locking the ship clientside.

Also they're already on it:


Issue has been already resolved in hotfix v187.205.

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