Much Needed Improvements for Cloud Blueprint System (Copy To Local Push To Cloud Options)

Michael Loeven shared this feedback 11 months ago

The Cloud blueprint system is useful however there are some main drawbacks that need to be improved upon.

First and Foremost the main problem with cloud blueprints is the steam cloud Obfuscation issue.

Cloud blueprints are difficult to locate and access as they are cached in steams folders under User and App ID's which are not easily readable by a human nor will any direct manipulation of the files through 3rd party editing tools be properly pushed to the cloud.

Blueprints are easy to manipulate from the Local side of things as there is currently a bug that prevents editing and renaming of cloud blueprints and there are no options to convert blueprints between this broken cloud implementation and local editable and easily accessible files.

I am proposing a much needed fix to the blueprint system that will give users more control which blueprints are stored.

The way the system will work is first and foremost in the game options there needs to be a setting to set default blueprint location that allows players to choose the default location for blueprints Cloud or Local.

Second a button will be added to the blueprints menu that allows Cloud blueprints to be copied to local and local blueprints pushed to the cloud (This allows updating and overwriting existing cloud blueprints edited using 3rd party tools)

These are not optional changes but changes that need to be implemented for sanity sake

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can also agree to this issue.

While in older version it was really easy to publish stuff to Steam , nowadays you either need to a) deactivate steam cloud or b) find it manually in the folder and drag it into your local. Both ways should not be needed!

A Copy to Local from Steam Cloud Button sounds like the easist solution so far.


So just realized manually copying cloud blueprints to the local folder doesn't work not sure what keen or steam is doing on the back end but cloud blueprints while sharing the same file format as normal blueprints contain gibberish machine code instead of readable data rendering them unusable except within the cloud blueprint framework

Code snipping from a normal blueprint in the local folder

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<Definitions xmlns:xsd=""; xmlns:xsi="">;
    <ShipBlueprint xsi:type="MyObjectBuilder_ShipBlueprintDefinition">
      <Id Type="MyObjectBuilder_ShipBlueprintDefinition" Subtype="Navis Retrofit" />
      <DisplayName>Mike Loeven</DisplayName>
          <SubtypeName />
          <PersistentFlags>CastShadows InScene</PersistentFlags>
            <Position x="-1783.6029717807614" y="-1683581.5464737848" z="1358174.7684839945" />
            <Forward x="0.4690917" y="-0.882686257" z="0.0285959244" />
            <Up x="-0.807943642" y="-0.415845335" z="0.4174918" />
            <MyObjectBuilder_CubeBlock xsi:type=
Snipping from a "Cloud Blueprint" 


‹      ì½msÛÈÑ.ü}«žÿ òwYÀÌ` liuꎝM|ßÙ8µö&çœ/.Z‚½|"‘.Š’Wùõ 	‰CÐô`9—+/	ÐâՍž~½úüýqs}r_,n§óÙO¯â×Ñ«ÿuñÿýpþ¶ø2M—å‹·'å³Ûÿ¸½úéÕïËå·Ïξÿþú»|=_|=QŸýï_þöáò÷âfòêñâéËŸNg·ËÉì²xUþ‹''ç~Ÿ~ûÓõ]ñm1-oW¯í¾zR~ðË‡oÅO¯~yxÿùÿ/.—º›^_‹OÆuO¿þ«Í生ôîêä#éÖ“wŸ7ÿXùÒìëÉŸ&‹¯Å«“³§Ï|;½ýv=yøû䦸øeúïâäoó⾘Ÿm¿ñxõ›»ÏÅ_Ó«ÛÇ—¶^Üz­úÚ뺺ëß[½õçÙrº|xwuÇ‘Jr¡Užk'"NÎÏß4nùG%àÛe1[þ|=ùz{ñfr»üðûäjþýöäÝìÃe1+ÎÏv/2?a~»å¿fWïÓòšIõ“qÍÖU'üô*K”Ô¯EgyE2Ž²W'?½J•ÐIú:V:"J¡^üç§WI