More gas tank sizes (no new models needed!)

Digi shared this feedback 15 months ago

The issue is that the hydrogen tanks are too huge and sometimes oxygen tanks are too small.

The current O2 and H2 tank models can be used as alternate tanks for the other gas.

This could be implemented in a simple way by adding 2 H2 tanks with the O2 tanks and vice versa (4 total)... and maybe a small edit in the models to change the writing on the side (either to a specific gas or just generic "Gas Tank").

Or it could be implemented in a nicer way: the current tanks turned into generic tanks that can hold either H2 or O2 (or any other mod-added gases/liquids, a resource type would be needed in the definition), that choice being picked in terminal and would require venting of existing resource before changing it.

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this will enable the building of smaller functional large grid hydrogen powered ships :)


This is a brilliant idea. I only use hydrogen thrusters and it really can be frustrating at times... especially on small grid ships with those horrendous 5x5 tanks. -.-


YES to that

Right now i attach small grid hydro tanks via rotor to my big grids if i need hydro only for suit use.

It makes no sense to carry an gargantum hydro tank if you need it only for small thrusters or the suit ({and for whatever reaqson do not carry an o2 generator


Due to big H2 tanks small and large grids have to rely onto H2/O2 generator for 'player refueling', and keeping o2/h2 generator On constantly can be somewhat detrimental - it can top off all o2 tanks (player has no real need for that much O2 unles player pressurizes ships) without leaving much for H2 or can waste all ice onto fuel if there is no O2 tank. Having a small H2 and O2 tanks simultaneously would have been much better for personal use from my point of view - no need to manage o2/h2 generator (usually I have to turn O2 tanks off when generator is on).