More effective: Hydrogen engine &|| Hydrogen thrusters

Full Name shared this feedback 2 months ago

I like to see in future, More effective: Hydrogen engine &|| Hydrogen thrusters.

Example for one of way, Survival start on Moon in Star system:

- Find pole with Ice

- Buy small / big hydrogen engine from standard materials, connect any way and use electric energy from H-engine without non-stop personal filling storage with Ice, For Basic Assembler ( ergo: I like to see basic assembler in small grid version ).

+ Function for reserve XY%/L/Kg Ice for non engine use => for Survival H2/O2 device

I like to see min. 3 times more effective this. ( Game is very grind for all, I like to see some better in default setting for that. )

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Hydrogen system is fine. No need to change it. If they made it "better" it would take out a lot of the realism