[ModAPI] Terminal Controls can no longer be attached to base IMyTerminalBlock

Gwindalmir shared this bug 5 months ago
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Having a terminal control attached to a block which is only a MyTerminalBlock, not a more derived class, does not work anymore. The controls are not added, and do not appear in the terminal.

This is a bug in the modapi, which broke in 1.185, and is still broken in 1.187. The last version this worked in was 1.184.

I've attached both a test world, and a test mod.


  1. Load world
  2. Access terminal via Control Panel block placed in world
  3. In 1.184, notice there is a button labeled "Dial" just below "Custom Data". In 1.185+, there is no button.

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had reported it too via mail, before i was able to login here. Being waiting for this fix for one of my mods.



I just reported the issue, thank you.

We will update the thread once we know more.

Thank you.

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Keen Software House: QA Department


I noticed something similar when I was trying to add a modded List to the controls of the Jump Drive.

when I try to get all Controls the Jump-Drive has I just got an empty list. And it removed all Controls from the Jumpdrive itself.

var controls = new List<IMyTerminalControl>();
MyAPIGateway.TerminalControls.GetControls<IMyJumpDrive>(out controls);

logger.WriteLine(controls.Count + "");
My logger always writes 0 and the Terminal of the Jump drive is completely gone. For some reason. Would not expect a Get Call to actually change something. Seems to be a side effect


This is quite odd. I modify Jumpdrives aswell and it works fine for me?

This outputs me all the Controls but doesnt change anything

            List<IMyTerminalControl> controls = new List<IMyTerminalControl>();
            MyAPIGateway.TerminalControls.GetControls<IMyJumpDrive>(out controls);
            foreach (IMyTerminalControl current in controls)


this indeed is very weird. Ill take a look at it again.