Mining ship drills not functioning

Winston T. shared this bug 7 months ago
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Just figured out you have to change the view of your typing area first, anyhow I am just gonna copy paste what I had already tried to type in a Word doc.

"Since I am unable to type in the typing area for unknown reasons, I am just gonna import a Word document.

Since the latest update that added the decoration pack and such, ones in a while one of my drills will stop functioning. On two-drilled ships always the right, but I built a monstrosity of a ship with 9 one time, after a few minutes there is always one that is dysfunctional. Reloading the world sometimes works, and sometimes it does not. This really affects mining on an annoying level. Not even reconstructing the drill works. Destroying then rebuilding, nuh uh. It really gets in the way when you want to RMB some terrain away with your ship, it is currently affecting me on the moon whilst I want to dig my way into an Iron ore deposit that I’ve found near my new base location. Look into this bug ASAP please."