Mining risk / reward

László Benedek shared this feedback 12 months ago

I think there should be a few places where you have extra challenges, but you get far more resources for end game.

For example I think there should be a planet with high gravity. (your normal miners don't work or can't carry much and getting your resources to orbit is also hard) You could also have more ores the deeper you go. The new temperature mechanic should also have some risk / reward attached. (ie a very hot or cold place has lots of valuable resources) If ships are not affected by temperature then this would only mean that you can't mine by hand and it's really hard to repair broken parts, but that would be enough.

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I like any risk/reward system that is done well. Many of your suggestions are very good. I also like that some don't require any strange code. Heavy planet? How tough can that be since we have everything from zero-gee to 1 gee? Hot planets could yield better minerals. I really like the whole 'better deposits the deeper you go' thing. GREAT idea there!