Minimal terminal + fast terminal access tool

Digi shared this feedback 15 months ago

This is one suggestion that has 2 parts:

#1. A minimal terminal mode for the current terminal window that basically hides everything except the middle area that the block controls are in, and moves it on the right side of the screen.

This minimal mode should be freely toggleable between normal and minimized regardless of #2.

Additionally: a key to hold for taking control of the character/ship while the minimized window is active (similar to dev menu debug windows).

It could also have a toggleable window part at the bottom to show detailed info, useful for monitoring blocks.

#2. Some sort of tool or hotkey that allows you to open the terminal of a block you aim at.

With this it would open directly into the minimal side-terminal window.

Example use cases:

- Quickly configure a nearby block without needing to find it in the terminal first (since a lot of blocks don't have terminal panels on them)

- Tweak blocks/groups while flying/driving (tweak wheels, adjust thrust override for escape velocity, etc)

- Better view points for tweaking lights since you could move with that window open.

A mockup image of the side-terminal is attached.

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As proof that this is something players want, my Build Vision mod which provides similar functionality has over 9000 subscribers:


If the intent is to be able to watch the details or modify a block while doing other things, the modality of the UI will be an issue with an open pane.

For good HUD interaction a modifier key to toggle between mouse mode and movement needs to be implemented. That would allow freedom to quickly switch back and forth UI elements and character control. It could also be leveraged to interact directly with HUD elements.