Meteor Crater - Fall Through the Earth

MechGingineer shared this bug 6 months ago

Cannot stand or drill meteor strike craters. Fall through the world.

Closed and reopened world and fixed those craters, but when new craters form/new meteor crashes, I still have the same voxel issue.

On earth like, survival standard settings with Armageddon and wolves/spiders the only change.

Speaking of wolves and spiders:

Playing for 30+ minutes and no wolves have spawned on earth?

Went to alien world, spiders are spawning, but not able to select them for loot?

Not sure if this is intentional or a bug.

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Meteor issue is also occurring on the alien world too


Same issue for me, applied to every crater i came across, happened in both Single and Multiplayer


My rover base sank into the earth playing in server AU#1 twice. What's the point of building rovers then?


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