Merge block graphic glitch

Darin Schmidt shared this bug 18 months ago

I have a miner that I made and when the merge blocks lock and unlock it causes the ships graphics to either sink into the ground or rise above ground. Logging in and out of the game resets the graphic to where the ship should be. Also getting into the flight seat and flying away resets the graphics of the ship as well.

The ship isnt actually sinking or rising, just the graphics make it appear so. However, all buttons and seats are accessible from where they are graphically being represented rather than where they physically should be.

I will post a video showing this today within 3 hours and post a link here for it.

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Here's the video:


Have you attempted to "VERIFY INTEGRITY OF GAME FILES"?

  • Open Steam Client
  • Library
  • Right-click Space Engineers
  • Local Files
  • Verify Integrity



I have tried that, but its not just my system it happens on. Its on all 3 of us. I was told that an update just came out yesterday, but I havent gotten on yet today to see what was in the update or if it helped any.


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