Medical Room, Programmable Block, & Survival Kit Skins Not Persistent

JohnnyBoy shared this bug 3 months ago

I have noticed that the Medical Room, Programmable Block, and Survival Kit blocks all revert back to the default (dirty/scratched) skin when the game is reloaded. They can be re-colored and re-skinned but they always revert back to the default skin.

To reproduce:

-Create Star System survival world.

-Spawn in space suit

-Use creative tools to create a 5 x 5 large grid

-Place Medical Room, Survival Kit, Programmable Block (and reference blocks if desired)

-Recolor/Reskin them (I used the lower right default color, #262626)


-Reload, the skins should have reverted.

I have attached a save that should demonstrate.

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